Sophia Feuer is a New England filmmaker and multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She has spent the past couple years working on various independent films in Upstate New York, Germany and Costa Rica. She works as a Director of Photography in the city and is a dedicated youth arts educator.

She recently finished her short film, Space Lady, after receiving the Flies Collective Film Production Grant. You can read more in Filmmaker Magazine


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Interview with We Are Moving Images

and Production Hub

Interview from 'Curled Beneath the Skin' solo exhibition at Root Division Talks Blog


Pop-Up Gallery, Ithaca, NY 

May 2018

Before Hereafter                         
Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca 

APRIL 16 - May 2018

Creative Space Gallery, Ithaca 

May - June 2018

Ithaca Fantastic                   
The Studio, Ithaca 

November 2018

Curled Beneath the Skin

Root Division, San Francisco

August - September 2020