Frozen Under, May 2016 

   My piece, titled Frozen Under, is an exploration of the acoustics of the unfamiliar underwater soundscape and the various textural sounds of cracking ice. I looked at that effects that the transduction between the mediums of air and water had on sound waves and the way that humans experience the audibility of sounds differently underwater. Humans are very well adapted to using their own soundscapes to orient themselves within physical environments, therefore being submerged in water alters this sense of surrounding and can be quite disorienting.


   I started by conducting numerous recordings of the activity of ice by freezing a contact hydrophone into blocks of ice and dropping the ice into hot water. I captured many different, unique, and unexpected consistencies of the ice. These recordings were then played into the Olympic sized pool through underwater speakers at the Athletics and Events Facility at Ithaca College on May 3rd 2016, where swimmers and listeners could hear the piece only by submerging their heads underwater. A separate audio piece was played above the water where booming and atmospheric sounds of ice echoed through the space, contrasting with the textures playing below the surface.           


A special thank you to Joshua Bonnetta and the ACP Sound Art class of 2016  

Meet the Community, Part 2

      Meet the Community Part 2 is a video art installation that was displayed on April 11th 2016 at the Cerrache Art Department building at Ithaca College. Serving as the sequel to Meet the Saint Mary's Community (a short film highlighting the positive impacts of a small religious community) Meet the Community Part 2 contextualizes footage using formal elements of sight and sound to construct a dark and looming atmosphere. The aim of this piece was to formally explore the way that media can be used to construct images and the dynamic between fallacy and truth that is inherent in this process of portrayal.

Teaching and Curriculum

JBFC Hand-Painted Film Installation, Summer 2017 

During the summer of 2017, during a 2 week class session at the Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab, 7th and 8th grade students helped to conceptualize an installation involving hand painted film strips created by each member of the class. These strips were then spliced together to create one larger film loop that ran continuously throughout the classroom. At the end of the session the classroom doors were opened to other students, friends, and family to enjoy and immerse themselves in the experience. 

JBFC Rear Screen Projection Performance , Summer 2016

During the summer of 2016, during a 2 week class session at the Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab, 7th and 8th grade students learned about Expanded Cinema and the different possibilities to use media to tell a story. The project was inspired by and done in the style of Miwa Matreyek. We set up a rear screen projection, reacting to our own animations through shadow play.