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A Black Hole is a Black Hole in the Ground

a film by Sophia Feuer & Tyler Macri

Experimental Documentary 
2018, 12min, 16mm Color

Concerning three groups of children from disparate upbringings, A Black Hole is a Black Hole in the Ground intimately depicts the strange, ephemeral realities that arise on evenings of play, when dimensions of space and time, not fully cemented by adulthood, begin to dissolve. Parking lots, hen houses, and brownstone apartments become the dwellings of many strange creatures; coyotes are rendered forest spirits, neighbors as martians, and night crawlers as flesh-eating meteorite worms. Employing sci-fi, documentary and ethnography techniques, a state of mind particular to early youth is sublimated - weight is lent to shadows as vast as space, ripe with discoveries both minuscule and immense.


Piano written & performed by Hanna Feuer
"Stagnum" by gutwitch

PASSWORD: aliens 

Sending to the Land 

a film by Sophia Feuer

Experimental Documentary 
2018, 8min, 16mm Black & White

Our Home in Kiel is a collage of moments taken from a woman's life in the small town of Kiel, Northern Germany. Everyday is quiet and imbued with childhood memories born out of a war that is seldom discussed.




Costa Rica.jpg

a film by Sophia Feuer 

Enviornmental Documentary 
2018, 10min, 4k Color

Life in Guanacaste Costa Rica cannot be discussed without the acknowledgement of the presence that the wildlife upholds. Following two Biological Anthropologists from New York and Texas who work with Mantled Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica, Howl  sheds light on the way that human disturbances increasingly affect the lives of the species who also call this area their home. 


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