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ReelWorks, NY
Documentary Film

"Reel Works challenges teens to tell their stories and have their voices heard. In turn, students build skills in literacy, leadership, and self-confidence to create productive futures. Reel Works serves 1,000 youth annually from middle school through college to launch careers in media."



Documentary Film

"Filmmakers in the Classroom is a semester-long program that provides on-site professional development for teachers in grades 4–12 who want to integrate media making and viewing into their classroom curriculum.

In partnership with a local professional filmmaker and SFFILM Education staff, participating teachers develop customized curricula that give students intensive, hands-on instruction in media literacy, critical thinking, and filmmaking. At the start of the semester, the partnering filmmaker and teacher meet for a curriculum development workshop, then team-teach a series of classroom sessions over the course of the semester. The program culminates in the production of collaborative short film projects by the students, while the teacher acquires the skills to use media effectively in subsequent classes and to develop their own future media making projects."

Larkin Street Youth Services, SF

 Experimental Film

Project Title: Experiments in Media: Film as Metaphor

About the Project: Students aged 16-24 from Larkin Street Youth Services participated in a course titled, Experiments in Media, focused on deconstructing conventional forms of filmmaking and working in analog and physical based mediums. Students were asked to write poems related to identity and then had the opportunity to shoot 35mm photographs and 8mm motion picture film all around San Francisco. They learned about how images can act as powerful metaphors similarly to how they are used in literature. While many of the films have yet to be completed due to Shelter in Place restrictions, we are hoping to do so soon!

In a previous workshop, students learned about video installation and altering pre-existing spaces intentionally to make meaning.

Sanchez Elementary, SF

 After-School Arts

Through my committment to Root Division as a studio artist, I was paired with Sanchez Elementary to teach after school arts to 4th graders. A new craft or art project was introduced each week. Towards the end of the semester, I worked with students to create abstractions using line, shape and color to express feelings. This culminated in a group film / installation where students created abstract imagery on blank 16mm film strips based on dreams that they had. Students then recorded these dreams to be played alongside the film.


Jacob Burns Film Center, NY

 Media Arts Lab Camp

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