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Help Me Make My Next Film!

Thank you all for checking out this page and watching my video! Here's what's happening: 

I recently returned from Colorado where I spent time getting to know The Space Lady and scouting the surrounding town. With this new game plan, my short film Outsider will be set to shoot at the end of March and I'm SO EXCITED! 


       Outsider is a documentary short that will highlight the enduring experience of 71 year old Susan Deitrich

Schneider, an extraordinary musician who goes by the stage name of "The Space Lady". While her music and

presence is truly out of this world, her stories as a human being off the stage are what intrigued me from the moment that I began meeting with her at her home in La Junta Colorado some time ago. During our many hours of conversation, I've come to realize how much Susan has repressed about her past: despite the newfound popularity of The Space Lady in recent years, Susan has a difficult relation to both the songs that she sings, and the act that she performs. More often than what is seen publicly seen or broadcast on the Internet, Susan explores these dormant feelings in the isolation of her home. There is an eeriness of a looming past everywhere; in images and remnants of her life as a nearly-homeless busker in San Francisco, as well as in the presence of her two past husbands (both deceased) easily found around the house.

Fundraising Goal: 


Here's what the money is going towards: 

Equipment! (camera, lenses lighting and more! It all adds up!) 

16mm film stock! 

Travel! (gas, housing, food) 


Post Production (film processing & scanning, film festival submissions) 

The total budget cost is just over $7,000, however, I'm asking for $3,000 to get me started. 

As my first film being made outside of school, this project has the opportunity to lead to new opportunities and reach an already established fan base! (aka The Space Lady fans!!!) 

All supporters will receive a special thank you credit in the film, updates of the film's progress, and a copy of the film (with a film poster!) 

Please donate via PayPal to:

or contact me for other options! 


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